ST. LOUIS – In the 6300 block of Delmar Boulevard, St. Louisans have been stopping by and noticing the star of Tina Turner, paying tribute, and leaving flowers.

Born Anna Mae Bullock, she came to this river city and made an impact on St. Louis and the world.

The singer, dancer, and entertainment icon began her career in the city. She received her star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame in 1991.

On Wednesday, the Saint Louis Public Schools District remembered Turner by saying the following:

“All of us at Saint Louis Public Schools are remembering the legendary musician and Sumner High School alumna, Tina Turner. She was known as Ann Bullock when she graduated from Sumner back in 1958. Her full name was Anna Mae. The heights she reached as a musician and songwriter go beyond simple fame. She is a legend and an icon. It brings pride to all of us at SLPS who get to claim her as “one of ours.” While most of us never had the opportunity to meet her, we all feel as if we know her a little bit. Her music has been a soundtrack for our lives.”

FOX 2 caught up with two St. Louisans who came in close contact with Turner over the years, Joe Edwards, Blueberry Hill owner, and Steve Schankman of Contemporary Productions, who played with Ike and Tina Turner from 1967 to 1968.

“My friends and I in the early 1960s would go out to this place way south on Lindbergh Boulevard,” Edwards said. “I think it was called Sunset Country Club, but there was no country club; they were an empty swimming pool there, and they performed as they were honing their act before they went nationally and internationally on the road, around this swimming pool. Fifty cent cover charge.”

“She was a contralto, which you don’t see many of those,” Schankman said. “That growling sound of hers, she was so strong. Even if you listen to her in the early days, she was the voice of the band. I mean, Ike was a great player, and he could sing.”