ST. LOUIS – The redevelopment of the historic Jefferson Arms building is back on track after it has been stalled for the past six years.

Circumstances like project components, partners, funding, and lawsuits have caused the delay.

The renovation plan included 235 hotel rooms, 235 apartments, and 29,000 square feet of retail space. The project is planned by Texas-based Altera International.

“It’s the existing historic Jefferson Arms building that we are building a hotel,” said Alterra International’s Emre Terazi.

The building has 100 parking spaces in the adjacent building’s basement. At Thursday’s city, conditional use permit virtual meeting, Brian Beck, an attorney for Alterra, spoke on their behalf. Alterra is requesting a conditional use permit for the hotel portion of the rebuild.

“I have come to speak in support of this project,” said Alderman James Page of the 5th Ward. “I’ve also provided a letter of support in writing that is probably in your office, and I just want to keep this brief and let it be publicly known that I support this project.”

No start date has been announced for the project.

The $145 million project is getting help after the St. Louis Clean Energy Development Board approved PACE financing for the redevelopment.