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LINCOLN COUNTY, Mo. – Ten years after Betsy Faria’s murder, family members watched Pam Hupp walk into a Lincoln County courtroom Tuesday morning to hear charges read against her for Faria’s killing.

It was a remarkable moment watching Hupp walk with law enforcement for such a long period of time. Each walk didn’t last much more than a minute, but it seemed much longer for the people who have waited so long for this.

FOX 2 was at the Lincoln County Justice Center at 7:30 a.m., when Hupp exited a police vehicle in cuffs and shackles and was escorted into the building by sheriff’s deputies.

Hupp remained silent as we asked her if she had anything to say to Betsy Faria’s family.

The hearing was very short as the judge informed Hupp of her right to remain silent. Hupp did remain silent as she listened to the charges against her – murder and armed criminal action.

Some of Betsy’s family was there, as well as many relatives of Russ Faria. Russ’ mother, Luci Faria, was in court 8 years ago when her son was wrongfully convicted.

FOX 2’s Chris Hayes was the only reporter in the courtroom on that day. He joined FOX 2 News at 5 p.m. to answer questions about his decade of following this case.

How different was today?

Hayes: It was like the world was watching today. Eight years ago, however, no one but the family seemed interested in this murder case in a small town – and no one knew the name Pam Hupp.

Now that everyone seems to know her name, will the trial have to move?

Hayes: Almost certainly. You can bet Hupp’s defense will ask for it. We’ve heard speculation that the trial could be moved to Cape Girardeau or Springfield, Missouri.

When are we talking about?

Hayes: Not soon. In fact, the defense today asked for more time, pushing out a preliminary hearing that would usually happen within 30 days. We won’t have a status hearing for about two months from now.

What about Hupp’s demeanor in court and did any of her family show up?

Hayes: None of Hupp’s family came to court. Hupp remained silent, without reaction, and stared straight ahead as the judge addressed her.