Residents in The Hill neighborhood spend Sunday clearing storm debris


ST. LOUIS – Residents in The Hill neighborhood say it’s going to take time to clean everything up after powerful winds and violent rains tore across St. Louis over the weekend.

“That was the most violent storm. I grew up in Kansas and have seen tornadoes,” said resident Jonathan Morgan. “I mean, these trees bent at a 45-degree angle; I’d never seen something like that before.”

Branches and limbs torn from trees, a rooftop torn from a home, a 120-year-old tree uprooted; just some of the many issues residents on The Hill are coping with after severe storms punished the area.

A giant tree branch landed in front of Odell’s home and took out his power.

“It fell to the east and hit the wire right there,” he said. “You can see pieces of it. It didn’t break the wire, that’s kinda neat, but it did stretch the wire enough to set off the fuse down that alley.”

“Seventy-mile per hour winds?” said Bob Odell. “Everyone in the neighborhood knew something was up.”

Power outages also on the list for many Ameren Missouri customers. At one point, more than 50,000 people in the city were without power and 17,000 more in the county.

A few blocks over, the Heidbreders were picking up rooftop scraps. Their neighbor had recently bought a new roof that was ripped off during the storms.

“Apparently, the wind came across, took her back porch and half of her roof off, and it landed on our house,” said homeowner Nola Heidbreder.

Roy Thee, on the other hand, was watching clean-up efforts after a 70-foot tree fell in his backyard and also landed in his neighbor’s yard.

“My sister came up and says, ‘I think the tree fell.’ We came out here and there it was laying across here,” Thee said. “Didn’t even hear it. Nothing. My sister sleeps in this backroom here, was back there sleeping, and didn’t hear a thing.”

Overall, an unexpected weekend of extra yardwork for many on The Hill with more to do.

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