Residents of four-family flat left homeless after building partially collapses

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ST. LOUIS - Resident say they’re worried about their safety and where they’re going to live after part of their apartment building collapsed in south St. Louis.

“I can’t even look at it. I’m hurt,” says resident Ramona Curtis.

The front lawn of the apartment on Dunnica in south St. Louis is now littered with bricks that fell off the four-unit complex and took the awning down with them.

“I’m hurt that I paid my rent and I’m homeless. I have to figure out what to do with me, but I’m also hurt that I have to figure out what to do with my pets, and I’m hurt because it was neglect,” said Curtis.

Other residents say they’ve also had problems with eroding stairs, bubbling bricks, electrical issues, and water leaks.

Tony Neal, another resident, says “It’s no good to repair the inside when the outside is not being repaired. From February of last year, it’s been repaired four times and this is been happening since November and we’re two months in and it still hanging out.”

I reached out to Byron Martin Realty and was told that he was aware of the situation. He said he was reaching out to his insurance company and a construction company to get an estimate on repairs. He also said he’s waiting on word from the city to see if the building is still habitable and plans to reach out to residents.

Residents tell FOX 2/NEWS 11 they reached out to him and have not gotten a response.

“We are now about to be homeless because of his neglect and I think he could at least say something,” said Curtis.

The landlord and residents say the city is expected to come back out tomorrow further inspect the building and see if it can be lived in.


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