ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Board of Alderman’s Committee of the Whole met virtually Wednesday and discussed some of the ideas for spending funds received from a lawsuit over the departure of the former St. Louis Rams.

The city received $280 million, including $30 million for an expansion of the Dome at America’s Center. The money has been sitting in an interest-bearing account while city lawmakers work on approving how the money will be spent.

During Wednesday’s meeting, Cristina Garmendia, police advisor to the board’s president, shared feedback received from residents through an online survey.

When asked about some of the challenges residents faced, some of the top responses included car damage from streets, student loan debt, and not receiving a timely or appropriate emergency response when calling 911.

Residents also have an opportunity to submit ideas to address challenges. Some of those responses included implementing traffic-calming measures, creating apprenticeship programs and offering childcare services.

Garmendia said other ideas submitted included letting the money earn interest and using that interest to address municipal issues. She encouraged residents to engage in the process by sending feedback through the BOA’s public engagement hub.

During Wednesday’s meeting, the public had an opportunity to share their ideas with the committee. Some of the feedback called for more investment in public transportation, childcare and street improvements.

The next phase will involve selecting some of the priority challenges raised and taking a closer look at ideas that could address those challenges.