ST. LOUIS – Some St. Louis residents at an apartment complex in the Midtown neighborhood complained about suffering from rising temperatures due to broken AC units.

With excessive heat warnings and temperatures reaching over 100 degrees, many people like to escape the heat in their homes, but some people don’t have that opportunity.

“Our apartment was 80 degrees,” said Jenna Gallogly, tenant at Coronado Place and Towers.

Gallogly said her air conditioning has been broken since the end of May. She’s received no answer as to when it will be fixed.

“It’s super frustrating, every time we’ve asked if the actual AC unit is going to be fixed,” said Gallogly. “They say it’s going to be fixed and they’re waiting on parts, which is the common excuse for everything that doesn’t get fixed, unfortunately.”

The building’s maintenance has provided her with a window unit. Other residents have not been so lucky, they claimed units are broken for the whole building.

Many of them are Saint Louis University students, and they don’t have the ability to move further away.

The apartment complex advertised, on its website, about the convenience of students living across the street from campus.

“No one takes responsibility for the issues that are going on in the building, and it ends up backfiring onto the residents,” said Gallogly.

She’s not alone in her frustrations.

Another tenant, Tommie Strong, is wheelchair-bound with medical problems.

He also has a broken AC unit and received a window unit that helps, but he said it’s not enough.

“I’m on dialysis, so my health isn’t the greatest either,” said Strong. “I have a sight asthma so that humidity in my bedroom. I’m having trouble breathing.”

He wants management to give them answers as to when it will be resolved.

“I pay rent every month on time, so I should be getting what I feel is justified in my rent,” said Strong.

Coronado Place and Towers management declined to comment.