ST. LOUIS – Many residents in the Soulard area, where two officers were shot, are stunned.

Some said they see an increase in crime in their neighborhood. It’s an area considered safe, and it’s where the Mardi Gras activities take place. One resident said they’d seen a number of people move out of the area because of crime.

St. Louis Alderman Jack Coatar, who represents the area, said it seems like we’re living in the Wild West. He said not enough is being done by prosecutor Kim Gardner to send a message to criminals. Coatar said criminals are bolder than ever.

Meanwhile, the office of Mayor Tishaura Jones said they’re staying on top of the situation, monitoring crime trends every day, and redeploying officers as needed.

Jared Boyd, the mayor’s chief of staff, emphasized that while crime remains top-of-mind, St. Louis has not become more dangerous over the past two years. Violent crime rates remain below 2020 and 2021 rates.

Many citizens disagree, and think it’s becoming more dangerous in areas like Soulard, Midtown, and Central West End areas, which are supposed to be safe