ST. LOUIS – As students and educators across the area head back to the school, an uninvited visitor is joining them: the heat.

An official in the Rockwood School District says they are prepared for the heatwave.

“Typically, we monitor the temperatures every day. If it’s above 95 degrees, rather it feels like 95 or above 95, we keep our kids inside,” said Dave Cobb, the district’s assistant superintendent of supervision of schools. “We want them to be safe, and give them plenty of water.”

Students arrived at Eureka High School, where the district will follow strict heat index guidelines.

“Just as important is the heat. We really take a look at our kids and see how they are feeling, so if you can tell people are hot and getting sweaty and they are tired, we are going to keep them inside,” Cobb said.

Meanwhile, in the St. Louis Public School District, teachers, staff, and ROTC members cheered students into the building at Clyde C. Miller Career Academy. Every student walked into school to find a bag of school supplies waiting for them, ready to learn.

District officials say special procedures are in place for outdoor activities like recess during the sweltering heat.

“We are bringing in extra bottles of water to every school in the district, so we are making sure everyone is hydrated,” said George Sells, an SLPS spokesman.

The district also had a power outage at Busch Middle School and the surrounding neighborhood when staff arrived Monday morning. The district worked with Ameren Missouri with the hope of getting the power back on in time for classes. However, the decision was made to bus about 250 students to Nottingham High School, where they completed their day. Power has since been restored at Busch Middle.