ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Due to a miscalculation, St. Louis County will send all new property tax bills to residents in the Gravois Creek Sewer District.

Collector of Revenue Mark Devore is sending a letter to approximately 15,300 customers, along with the new bills, explaining the error.

Turns out the county had a decimal in the wrong place when preparing the residential property tax bills. The Metropolitan Sewer District submitted a residential tax rate of $0.06 per $100 of a property’s taxable assessed value. Unfortunately, customers received bills with a rate of $0.6 per $100.

Residents can go online to see—and pay—their corrected bill at Devore said customers’ mortgage escrow accounts have already been adjusted.

Customers can call 314-615-5500 with any questions about their property bills.

Devorce said customers who’ve already paid the incorrect bill will see their overpayment credited to next year’s bill, or they can request a refund.