ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – Last year, Richard Emery was sentenced to death for the 2018 murders of his girlfriend and three family members. On Wednesday, he was sentenced to an additional 210 years in the landmark conviction.

In Sept. 2022, Emery was found guilty on four counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of his girlfriend, 39-year-old Kate Kasten, her two children from a previous relationship, 10-year-old Jonathan and 8-year-old Zoe, and Kate’s mother, 61-year-old Jane Moeckel. Prosecutors sought the death penalty on the murder charges.

Since then, Emery has also been convicted of seven counts of armed criminal action, three counts of first-degree assault and one count of attempted robbery. These additional charges that were not addressed in the original trial.

The St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office says the 210 years imposed today is consecutive to the death sentence Emery received last year.

“Mr. Emery received the justice he deserved. No amount of incarceration will ever be sufficient to address the harm he has caused both physically and emotionally to so many people.” Joseph G. McCulloch.

According to previous court proceedings, Emery had gone out drinking and played poker on the evening of Dec. 28, 2018. Emery returned home and got into an argument with Kate. At some point, Emery retrieved a handgun, and he and Kate struggled for the weapon.

Emery fired nine shots in all. Kate was the first person shot, but was the last to die. She died hours later at a local hospital.

Moeckel, Kate’s mother, barricaded herself and two grandchildren in another room in the house. After shooting Kate, Emery broke down the door to that room and shot Moeckel while she was on the phone with 911 dispatchers. Before being shot and killed, Moeckel provided dispatchers with the home address and said her daughter had been murdered. She never got a chance to identify the shooter.

Two children, Jonathan and Zoe, were also fatally shot. After the shooting, Emery left the home with a pistol and an AR-15 rifle, including 500 rounds of ammunition, and a knife.

Emery drove away from the home as police arrived at the scene. That officer radioed colleagues to stop Emery’s truck.

Emery was pulled over and exchanged gunfire with police. He fired seven shots and fled. Emery suffered two gunshot wounds during the shootout. He did not take the AR-15 with him.

Prosecutors said Emery eventually came across a woman who was leaving a Christmas party. Emery, who still had his knife, carjacked the woman and attacked her. He stabbed the woman seven times, five in her chest, but ran off when the car alarm went off. The woman survived.

Emery was captured the morning after the shootings at a St. Charles QuikTrip, where police found him in a bathroom, covered in blood.

During last year’s trial, Emery claimed he remembered gunshots going off, but claimed he did not deliberately shoot Kate, Jonathan, Zoe, and Jane. Emery said he felt like he was in a video game as an argument with his girlfriend escalated, culminating with the murders.

His public defense attorneys previously presented a diminished capacity case to the jury, claiming he’d been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and was not in control of himself at the time of the murders.

NOTE: Video attached to this story is FOX 2’s coverage of Emery court proceedings from Oct. 2022.