ST. LOUIS – Changes to Metro’s Call-A-Ride service have left customers who depend on it frustrated. Roxanna Robinson has used the service every day for nine years, but that is about to change.

“Call-A-Ride sent me a letter, and we found out we have no way to get to work on the 9th or 10th,” she said.

Robinson said the letter in the mail is how she found out she will no longer be able to use the service.

“I go to work every day, Monday through Friday. I got to work. We need Call-A-Ride,” she said. “We have no way to go to work.”

Robinson said she relies on the service to get to doctor’s appointments and dentists’ offices, and that taking it away means ADA-eligible customers will no longer have a way of getting around.

Metro Call-A-Ride said this is the first time they’ve made changes to the service since 2016. The website outlines the changes and areas where the service will no longer be available. A workforce shortage is largely the reason for the changes. Metro Call-A-Ride said demand for trips in some areas has increased, which means other customers have longer wait times or even canceled trips.

Metro Call-A-Ride will host a public meeting on March 7 where people can give feedback about the changes.

For more information about the changes and meeting, click here.