Rising temperatures can’t keep these golfers off the links


CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – It’s almost October and temperatures are still climbing up near 90 degrees. For golfers who play all year round at Four Seasons Country Club in Chesterfield, this weather isn’t too bad.

Lynn Reyner, the captain of the Just for Fun Golf League, and her fellow golfers play in all types of weather unless there’s lightning or snow.

“You know it’s warm today but the humidity is down. That’s what gets you. I mean, we can play. What is it, 90 degrees today? But the humidity is down in the 40s, we can do it. But when the humidity gets really high and it’s in the mid-90s, a lot of us will ride instead of walk,” Reyner said.

Another regular at the country club says he plays better when it’s warm.

“Well, this morning it was nice but right now, what is it, about 90? So, I play my best golf in 100-degree weather truthfully. I hit the ball a lot better only because I slow down,” said Philip Bigley.

Course pro Beverly Miller says her students are ready to learn despite the heat.

“They’re anxious. Especially with the rider cup going on. They’re anxious with any kind of weather going on,” Miller said. “They’re anxious to get out on the golf course and see what they can do. And teaching; I just teach right on through the winter.”

The breezy conditions not only make the heat a little better to handle, but also make the game more fun.

“Well, that’s what makes it interesting,” Bigley said. “I mean, that’s really what makes golf enjoyable; when you have to figure out something.”

“I had two ladies out there and the wind was giving them challenges but the ball if it’s hit true will run straight. Fly straight and run on the ground straight. But if you got a little draw or a little fade on it, then the wind’s going to affect it,” Miller said.

Ultimately, these golfers are soaking up the last of the summer-like warmth before autumn really settles in, which seems to be the agreed-upon best weather to play golf in.

“This is a gorgeous day. September and October are the best days to play golf in Missouri. We’re just for fun and we come out every Monday. You know, adults don’t play much anymore and it’s just really fun to be with good friends and giggle and laugh,” Reyner said.

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