ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Rescue crews were dispatched Monday afternoon for a water rescue on the Meramec River in Castlewood State Park.

According to a spokesperson for the Metro West Fire Protection District, a 19-year-old was having a day of fun with his family and friends on Memorial Day. He was standing on the shore of the Meramec and slipped into the river around 1:45 p.m.

Fire crews said he was not swimming and was in the water for about 15 minutes.

“I tried to do what I could to save him,” said Nicholas Morton, one of three men who pulled the 19-year-old from the river. “Unfortunately, he kept getting away from me too fast. The current kept pulling him under the water too fast. There was not a whole lot I could do to try to help him.”

Another good Samaritan, who only identified himself as Anes, said he went into the river to locate the 19-year-old but was caught in the current himself. Eventually, Anes felt the man brush up against his legs and he began to try and lift him from the river.

Morton said the third man, who has not been identified, administered CPR until paramedics arrived.

When the fire protection district arrived at the scene, the young man was already out of the river. First responders continued CPR until the man could be loaded into an ambulance. The 19-year-old was rushed to a hospital in critical condition. It was confirmed Tuesday morning that the man had died.