ST. LOUIS – Due to a wintry weather mix Saturday morning, a major wreck happened on an icy bridge.

Interstates 44 and 55 closed for several hours Saturday due to a major wreck. At least two tractor-trailers were involved in a crash with several other cars.

Fox 2’s Andy Banker saw the wreck firsthand while traveling toward the East St. Louis area.

“44/55 northbound and southbound, on the southern edge of Downtown, just southeast of Busch Stadium, are all shut down,” said Banker on the phone early Saturday morning.

He said that the elevated roads are iced over. To get into Illinois, he said he had to take the east bridge, and it was total ice. He said that he had to cross the bridge at about 4 miles per hour.

“Once you get back down to ground level, everything is fine,” said Banker. “I am in east St. Louis now, and even the ground is still covered. When you cross the bridges and overpasses, they are all ice.”

The Poplar street bridge is now up and moving again.

If crossing bridges and elevated roads, drive carefully and watch out for weather hazards.