Just under 20,000 students attend the Rockwood District. The theme for the school year in Rockwood is “Focus on Our Future.” Along those lines, Rockwood officials told FOX 2 that the big priorities include learning, ensuring safety, fostering unity, and advancing facilities.

Four armed safety officers have been hired in Rockwood this year. We’re told their focus will be on elementary schools in each of the four quadrants of the district. However, the safety officers can also work with school resource officers at other Rockwood campuses if needed.
FOX 2 spoke with a mom who is also a teacher in Rockwood as well as district superintendent Curtis Cain.

Here is some of what they told us about starting a new school year:

“The first day of school is always very exciting,” Rockwood parent and teacher Erin Sullenger shared. “There’s a lot of nerves, but we’re very excited to head back to school and get back into routines. The kids are excited to see their friends, and I’m excited to see my new students and my students from last year to catch up with them about their summer.”

Superintendent Cain added, “We’re thrilled to have the school year up and going. Classrooms are the reason we have a school district, so anytime we’re able to just wrap around that, the better off we are going to be. We’re just thrilled; it’s a very, very special day. It’s one of the best days of the school year in my mind.”

There are heat precautions in place in Rockwood. If the heat index is over 100 degrees, students will stay indoors for recess. Students are also encouraged to bring water bottles with them to school, so they can stay hydrated.