ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – The ups and downs of the weather in May is pretty typical in St. Louis as we transition to a more summer-like pattern. We had heat, humidity, and severe storms late last week heading into a stormy and cooler weekend.

The weather is quite comfortable now, but there are more changes in the week ahead.

Many out at Creve Coeur Lake Park are enjoying the cooler Monday ahead of those changes.

“I said, ‘You know, everything is green,’ and a day like this, I say, ‘I take the cooler days over the hot and muggy days,’” said Joe Benefield of St. Louis.

“Oh well, we came out and we had lunch, and we took a nice little walk. It’s a very beautiful day today,” said Sarah Privett-Henderson of Florissant.

We will go from these mild temperatures Monday with more rain moving in by midweek.
The good news – the rain should be out of here in time for the long holiday weekend.

Also in time for the weekend, some heat will be returning to the area. We’re expecting above-normal temperatures Saturday through Monday, which is great for those looking to head outdoors, but many know they may have to pivot.

“When you have plans and then the weather hits, it’s like alright, now I’m staying in the house all day. But you know, it is what it is,” said Joe King, a student at Missouri Baptist. “I make the most out of it. Try to get a workout in every day. If it’s good weather, I get outside. If it’s bad, I train inside.”

“I look at the weather app. We’ll see. We’ll adjust accordingly. I think it’s going to be okay. I think it’s supposed to be warmer this weekend, so we’ll see,” said Alan Fredman of west St. Louis County.

But we’ll be ready for whatever Mother Nature will send our way.

“Well, that’s in God’s hands. So, we just hope and pray for the best and hope that it will be a nice day. And if we don’t, we take it inside,” said Jesse Henderson of Florissant.

The first part of the weekend is looking pretty dry but there are some questions ahead of Memorial Day. However, it’s still seven days out; the forecast will come more into focus as we get a little closer.