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CLAYTON, Mo. – An interesting piece of evidence was introduced during a trial of a St. Louis County man accused of killing his pregnant wife. A list reviewing some pros and cons was found by his supervisor in a notebook at work.

Beau Rothwell is accused of killing his pregnant wife Jennifer Rothwell in November 2019. He reported his wife missing during a winter storm. Her car was found abandoned a mile from their St. Louis County home.

While Rothwell pretended to search for his wife, St. Louis County detectives found evidence of blood clean up. Search warrants also revealed Jennifer had recently Googled the topic, “what to do if your husband is upset you are pregnant.”

Beau Rothwell’s lawyer does not dispute that Rothwell struck a fatal blow to his wife’s head, but the defense claims Beau did not plan to commit murder. Attorney Charles Barberio says it happened after an argument in which Beau told Jennifer that he’d been having an affair.

The list introduced into evidence was found by Beau’s boss at Ambitech Engineering where he worked in Westport. He was going to take over Beau’s project and found the list in his notebook. The man thought it had evidentiary value. A St. Louis County officer picked it up.

Then the writing on the list said “Is the cost too high?” It was dated 7/31/2019 and Jennifer Rothwell died on November 11, 2019. He

Beau’s defense countered during cross-examination that Beau was being “thoughtful” but that he never wrote about killing. It was a normal internal discussion Beau was having about his marriage.

Beau Rothwell’s pros and cons list:

+better sex life
+more respect
+more appreciation
+proven mother
+potentially nice family
+fresh start

-probably limit one kid
-Jennifer and her family
-have to move
-half my assets/money
-possibly get another job
-most of my friends
-trust is shaken/tainted
-my family disappointment
-take on her kid with his probs