ST. LOUIS — A bill to cut down on panhandling may have some unintended consequences. Runner’s World Magazine is a national publication covering the bill that outlaws standing, sitting or walking on streets. The bill is headed to the St. Louis County Executive’s desk this week.

Runners tell the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that they often hit the streets because the pavement is better on their feet. People with disabilities, walkers, and other groups worry that the bill would also target them. They would get a ticket if they break the law.

There are over two million people who follow Runner’s World on Facebook. They received mixed reaction to a Facebook post about the bill. Several people commented that there are more pressing issues in the St. Louis area other than running on the road. Their Instagram post about the issue has a lot of reactions, with a lot of confusion about why street jogging is banned.

The St. Louis County Council passed Bill No. 86, which aims to change pedestrian behavior on roadways. The bill, introduced by Councilman Ernie Trakas, prohibits standing, sitting, or walking on roadways when sidewalks are available, with exceptions for first responders, emergency situations, and public transportation users.

If signed into law, pedestrians would be required to walk on the left side of the roadway in the absence of sidewalks. The bill is currently awaiting consideration by St. Louis County Executive Sam Page, and it remains unclear when it might take effect.

While the bill does not specifically address panhandling, similar ordinances adopted by other municipalities in St. Louis County last year were aimed at cracking down on panhandling.

Homeless advocates expressed concerns that such rules could make it more difficult for vulnerable individuals to survive. If approved, the St. Louis County Police Department would be responsible for enforcing the new regulations.