ST. LOUIS – Police are still looking for the driver of an Impala that ran a red light and struck a Chevy Tahoe, sending it off an overpass and killing four people and critically injuring four others.

People who live near South Grand Avenue and Forest Park Parkway say the intersection is confusing.

“I know I’m going to get across the street safe, but there is always something funky going on,” said Sean Volcy, a student at Saint Louis University (SLU). “Whether somebody is turning in, sometimes people turn the complete wrong way, and you almost get hit. Sometimes people just ignore the fact that you’re crossing the street, and they just turn in.”

He said, unfortunately, crashes happen in the area frequently.

“I have five pictures on my phone. I’m keeping a running tally of things that have happened just on this stretch of Grand this year,” Volcy said.

“It’s not very surprising. Stuff like this happens all the time. Not to this extent. This is the biggest one by far,” said Daniel Martin, a student at SLU.

People said they want to see changes in the area to make it safer.

“I think something should be done about this intersection. I think this intersection is a big problem,” Martin said. “I think the way it’s designed is flawed, and I would be interested in hearing if the city has any ideas to fix it up. If anything would be the time to do something about this intersection, it would be now.”