ST. LOUIS — The Salvation Army is preparing for its busiest time of year when it comes to raising funds for vital services that benefit residents in St. Louis all year.

After losing one of its cars on November 16, the Salvation Army has had to ask the public for more help. The incident occurred on Arsenal Street, just outside the St. Louis Temple Corps building.

The Salvation Army’s Major Kjell Steinsland said that the theft of the Traverse vehicle is very bad because they use it a lot in their Red Kettle campaigns. 

Steinslad said they won’t be stopped, and will still find ways to raise money for people who need it the most. Christmas is their busiest time, and with a goal of $6.2 million this year, every dollar helps those who need it most.

The Chevy Traverse is worth $30,000, and the Salvation Army is asking for public assistance in reclaiming it or raising money to purchase a new one.

Donations can be made online at or over the phone at 314-646-3000. Anyone with information on The Salvation Army’s vehicle can contact the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department at 314-231-1212.