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ST. LOUIS, MO – In the midst of celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Schlotzsky’s is looking to expand nationwide.

Schlotzsky’s has worked to redevelop their design to better accommodate guests in ease of service and access off-premises. Two new designs have been developed to better serve guests, Design 1000 and Design 1800. Design 1000 gives two drive-thru windows and space for a curbside pick-up window. Design 1800 give one drive-thru window and seating for up to 35 guests.

These new designs work to accommodate faster service to go as 87 percent of business is consumed off-premises. 99 percent of locations will feature a drive-thru. Additionally, the brand has worked to streamline their menu, which has been well-received thus far.

Schlotzsky’s plans to expand in to many markets across the nation including Missouri. For more information visit their website.