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ST. LOUIS – Schnucks shoppers can now receive cashback promotions when buying groceries through the GetUpside app.

The announcement was made Wednesday that Schnucks Markets partnered with the retail technology company, GetUpside. Using GetUpside’s free mobile app, shoppers will have access to cashback promotions, including up to 20 percent off, according to a press release.

To access Schnucks’ promotions, customers can use the app’s “Check-In” feature that allows GetUpside to verify each transaction, rather than scanning a receipt after shopping.

Schnucks is the first grocer to use GetUpside’s “Check-In” feature, which “complements Schnucks’ ongoing digital investment in the customer experience,” the press release states.

“Schnucks is proud to be the first grocer to launch GetUpside’s Check-In to ensure our customers
get the best value from their in-store experience without changing anything about how they
shop,” said Bob Hardester, Schnucks chief information and supply chain officer.

“GetUpside helps us focus on our customers’ needs while allowing them to get cashback on their everyday

The cashback promotions inside the GetUpside app is made available across all Schnucks locations in Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana, according to the press release.

“Schnucks is an industry-leading retailer who continues to innovate for their customers,” said Tyler
Renaghan, GetUpside’s vice president of grocery.

“This partnership not only benefits the millions of Schnucks shoppers but also provides Schnucks with proven profit and impactful data-driven insights that help them better serve their customers.”

For more information about GetUpside, visit the company’s website.