ST. LOUIS– Schnuck Markets, Inc. has issued an allergy alert due to a mislabeling on select containers of Culinaria Nut Mixes. The Culinaria Cashew & Macadamia Mix products may not be accurately labeled and could potentially contain almonds. This means that the mix may not contain the ingredients listed as expected. 

Schnucks customers are urged to check for: Culinaria Cashew & Macadamia Mix, 9 oz. UPS 4131822428 Best by date: 2/02/25 Lot Code: 3033 A9 Culinaria Cashew & Almond Mix, 9 oz. UPS 4131822423 Best by date: 2/02/25 Lot Code: 3033 A9 Affected products may be returned to the nearest Schnucks store for a full refund or exchange. Customers with questions may contact the Schnucks Customer Care team at 314-994-4400 or 1-800-264-4400.