ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – Some middle school students not eligible for bus transportation in a St. Charles neighborhood are now able to ride a Francis Howell school bus.

A district spokeswoman confirmed the adjustments.

“We review each request on a case-by-case basis and implement changes in alignment with district policies and procedures. Changes have been made in this neighborhood and others based on the information available,” the district wrote in a statement.

The Francis Howell School District created the new one-mile boundary rule this school year, and it split a neighborhood down the middle.

Half the neighborhood could ride the bus, while others had to walk, ride their bike or find another way to school.

Parents have expressed safety concerns along O’Fallon Road.

As for the chaotic crosswalk in front of Francis Howell Middle School, there’s no dedicated crossing guard in the morning, despite a St. Charles County Police Officer helping students cross in the afternoon.

County highway officials changed the street signage after the FOX Files investigation, making caution signs more eye-catching in an attempt to slow down drivers.