ST. LOUIS – Severe storms are expected from late Wednesday morning through afternoon. That will impact the school day, afternoon school dismissals, and the busy evening commute. We often talk about having a safety plan at home. But do you know what to do if severe weather strikes and you’re away from home?

Several school districts joined a conference call with the National Weather Service St. Louis Office on Tuesday afternoon to get an in -depth forecast breakdown on the heavy rain, hail, and tornado threat. Schools were encouraged to plan today for what they might do tomorrow.

“We let schools know that this might be a great day to practice those plans. Practice those tornado drills. Practice what you would do in a high-end severe thunderstorm. We’re hopeful that school took that to heart,” said Kevin Deitsch, the warning coordination meteorologist with the NWS St. Louis.

If you are a school who’d like to upgrade your severe weather preparedness, the National Weather Service can help with that. 

“Any schools that are interested in working with us to help with their plans, what they might do in severe weather, we are certainly willing to talk with them through this WeatherReady Nation Ambassador program and I encourage them to reach out to me about that,” Deitsch said.

A good number of workers are also back in offices. If possible, working from home on Wednesday would be a great option. If not, think about a safe spot in your building where you and your co-workers can wait out the worst of the weather. Do not leave the building as the storms move in.