UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. – A hearing is set to happen Monday after a property owner in California files a lawsuit against the ‘Seafood City’ supermarket in University City.

A lawsuit accuses the market of not paying $300,000in rent. However, there’s another issue people who live around here are dealing with; the smell.

County health inspectors ordered Seafood City to shut down back in December, saying the fridges storing the food were set at unsafe temperatures. Then in March inspectors found the market still open.

FOX 2 spoke to someone who lives nearby. She shared that what surprises her is to hear the owner of Seafood City left behind an estimated 8,000 pounds of rotting seafood, and we can still smell it Monday morning. 

University City officials say they immediately hired bio-one to come in and clear out the building. 

The property owner in California agreed to pay for the cleanup. Court records show the property owner filed a lawsuit against Seafood City for not paying rent and owing more than $300,000 to the property owner.

Clean up is expected to continue through this week here at the seafood market. The hearing regarding the rent dispute starts at 9:00 a.m. in St. Louis County Court in Clayton.