ST. LOUIS – Police are searching a backyard for a south St. Louis woman who’s been missing for nearly three years. The most recent search led investigators to dig in the victim’s family’s backyard.

Bre’Ayn Lee Miller disappeared on July 26, 2020.

Miller was last seen in south St. Louis after her boyfriend picked her up from a local casino. At the time, police said there was a verbal altercation, and Miller’s boyfriend dropped her off in the vicinity of South Grand Boulevard and Delor Street. She was never heard from again.

Few details have been released in the case. Detectives would not say why their most recent search led them to Miller’s parents’ backyard.

The home is vacant, but neighbors are concerned that police are here digging. Law enforcement is using excavating equipment and ground-penetrating radar to see if anything has been buried.

“I know it was a crew out here with ground penetrating radar, and they were out here a couple of hours,” Adam Keune said. “They did identify some area where they think they found something, and to my knowledge, they did not excavate anything.”

FOX 2 has learned that police were tipped off that something connected to Miller might be on the property. Police have stopped short of getting into any specifics and there’s been no mention of whether they found anything.

“Just today, they went back there with shovels, dug down about two foot—was using the little sifters—and come back with nothing, so they are still looking for her,” neighbor Tom Seller said.