BRIDGETON, Mo. – An office group of bowlers at Kingpin Lanes in Bridgeton spent Wednesday enjoying the air-conditioned bowling alley. The group believes the plan for an indoor team building event was a good choice.

“It’s a very good move in late August in St. Louis,” said bowler Donna Houseman.

Gary Shenberg, the owner of the bowling complex, recently installed a portable AC unit and additional window shades in the entryway to help keep the heat from intruding.

“When our leagues bowl, we get a lot of people in here,” he said.

Shenberg said a 70-degree temperature range is the perfect atmosphere for enjoying bowling, food, and drinks.

The complex also includes sand volleyball courts, but the extreme heat canceled league play this week. The heat did not cancel practice for some competitive beach volleyball players who were sharpening their skills on the sand in the afternoon heat.

“We try to take advantage of these hot days, so we’re heat acclimated and prepared for those hotter climates,” said Joe Uydess, JaJa Beach Volleyball coach. He said the extreme heat is not unusual where competitions take place.

Some local moviegoers took advantage of the air conditioning at 24:1 Cinema. The movie theater has a Wednesday special of $5 for a movie and small popcorn.

“It’s really cool in here, and it’s a nice place to come see a movie,” said Mae Washington, 24:1 Cinema manager.

The Imo’s Pizza on Page Avenue has been busy all week. Store owner Jennifer Griffin says the extreme heat has resulted in many customers looking for someone else to take care of dinner.

“They don’t want to go outside,” Griffin said. “They want pizza.”