Sec. Buttigieg touts spending bill will bring $6.5B to Missouri for roads


ST. LOUIS – Missouri is poised to receive more than $6.5 billion dollars to improve roads and bridges if President Biden’s infrastructure plan passes Congress. The plan also promises to cut taxes for families and workers.

Top Democrats abruptly postponed the expected House vote on the plan this afternoon. The decision on Friday came as the leaders’ long struggle to balance demands from progressives and moderates once again dogged the pillar of President Joe Biden’s domestic agenda.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told that the plan, if passed, will bring more affordable childcare to Missourians as well as money for much-needed road repairs.

“In Missouri alone, there are $6.5 billion at least for improvement of roads as a result of this infrastructure package,” said Sec. Buttigieg.

He also said there are more than two thousand bridges in poor condition in the state.

The plan also promises to cut taxes and make child care more affordable. There will also be money to provide new opportunities for children. The plan will also create a framework for good-paying jobs for Missouri residents.

The plan also will extend the Child Tax Credit. Sec. Buttigieg says tax credits can be extended and there can still be money for infrastructure because they will focus on tax fairness. That means having big corporations pay taxes.

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