ST. LOUIS – Have you ever wondered what St. Louis might look like from space? The International Space Station offers quite a remarkable glimpse.

NASA and its international partners take trips aboard the ISS to conduct research that helps scientists prepare for deep-space exploration missions. According to NASA, the space station has the capability to make 16 orbits around Earth over a 24-hour time period. The space station can travel up to speeds of five miles per second.

The ISS passed through St. Louis multiple times during its orbits Thursday. A Twitter page called ISS Above, which shares videos of the ISS passing over various parts of Earth, shared a 42-second clip of crews passing through the St. Louis region Thursday morning. Page organizers also showed views Thursday morning over Phoenix and Nashville.

ISS Above works to bring informational screens and live views of Earth from external cameras. According to the ISS Above website, the space station passes some regions up to eight times a day and is best visible around the dusk and dawn hours when the light reflects off its solar panels.

You can get ‘Heads Up Alerts’ when the space station is flying over St. Louis. You can sign up on Spot the Station section of NASA’s website, which also allows guests to watch the ISS pass overhead from several thousand worldwide locations. The website also includes live ISS tracking and a guide to learn how you can spot the station.

To plan ahead for sighting opportunities in St. Louis, click here. NASA says there are dozens of prime viewing opportunities through July 14, including at least one every day through that timespan.