ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – Senior citizens in St. Charles County are getting some good news on their property taxes and will soon get some relief in the form of a tax freeze.

The county council on Monday approved a new tax freeze after the state legislature approved a state law earlier this year, allowing each county to decide if they want to implement the tax freeze bill.

The new bill was met with cheers from senior citizens at the county council meeting. Don Schoedel spoke before the council’s vote, urging them to approve the tax freeze. He said the new bill is needed relief for seniors, especially with the current inflation.

“My valuation in 2023 increased 34% in a two-year period. No improvements to the home. A little three-bedroom home in St. Charles County, and it’s a function of the aberration of the market. The point is the valuation which you’re going to be holding us to is inflated,” he said.

County Executive Steve Ehlmann said the new bill will go into effect in 2024. He said people who qualify must live in St. Charles County and be at least 62 years of age by Jan. 1.

Not everyone agrees with the new law, Ehlmann said, including school districts. Ehlmann said he expects them to take the bill to court. According to the county executive, the new bill is not a tax cut but a tax freeze for people who need the relief.

“If you’re on a fixed income and the value of your house is going up but your income isn’t, then that’s a difficult situation. Those are the people that the legislature was trying to help here, and we’re simply going to fulfill what we have been told is the intent,” he said.

Ehlmann said residents will need to apply for the tax freeze and expect the process to start next summer.