HAZELWOOD, Mo. – Some families in North St. Louis County woke up Tuesday morning to promptly evacuate their homes amid historic rainfall.

Record rainfall hit the St. Louis region Tuesday morning, up to nearly 11 inches in some parts of the county. In Hazelwood, heavy rains flooded out an entire apartment complex in the 7300 block of Normandie Court.

First responders rescued many residents at The Reserve at Winding Creek Apartments after they were initially advised to move to the second floor of the apartment building. Some people were stranded for hours with floodwater entering their apartments.

Several residents were rescued, and many are still in shock.
“I can’t believe it,” said Dana Manuel. “It’s flooded before, but it’s never flooded like this. It’s always been to the point where you could always walk out still, probably up to knee at the most. This time, it was all the way up to my chest,” said Dana Manuel
Some residents say they have lost everything they owned.

“It took all my life to get an apartment,” said Camilia Cage. “I’m not really close with family, this is all I have so really [hard] to lose everything.”

Officials say the flash flooding was unlike any recent rainfall they could remember.

“It happened maybe 10 years ago,” said Fire Chief Dave Herman with the Hazelwood Fire Department. “It was a flood but not severe, and they were not prepared for it because there are so many people left in there.”

Overland, St. Ann and University City were also among the cities in St. Louis County that noticed significant damage from flash flooding. At least two shelters are available Tuesday to county residents in need.