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ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY, Mo. — Flooding concerns were an issue for many counties in Missouri as severe weather moved through the region. 

Farmington Fire Chief Todd Mecey said his crews were ready for the severe weather.  

“The weather information that we learned about today certainly was out there. When we saw that transition from a severe weather incident to a flooding incident, information was out, and I think the public was well aware of what to expect today,” Mecey said.  

He said consistent rain can pose additional safety concerns in rural areas.  

“We have a lot of low water crossings. They’re not necessarily a bridge structure, just something where the water goes over the road and they wash out fairly easily,” Mecey said.     

To add to the flood concerns, a tornado watch was issued until 4 p.m. for many counties southeast of St. Louis, including St. Francois County. 

“We’ll send crews out into different places in the community as any storms do approach to be that ground crew for the National Weather Service,” he said.  

So far, St. Francois County had only seen what most of the region had seen, a down poor of rain. Chief Mecey said don’t get complacent.   

“People get familiar with areas, and they feel like i know the water isn’t that deep over the road trouble is you never know what’s underneath the water is the road still there is the road not still there,” he said.  

During severe weather, Mecey echoed a message many have come accustomed to hearing during severe weather.  

“Just always be prepared. Think about your routes, be familiar with those routes.  Obviously, the same places usually flood time and time again. So, plan your route to avoid those areas anytime we’re under a heavy rain event,” he said.