ST. LOUIS – A Shakespeare’s Pizza delivery car stolen in mid-Missouri was recently found damaged in the Greater St. Louis Area.

“Well, 50 years in business and this is a new one for us,” said the popular Columbia, Missouri, pizza chain in a Facebook post.

The car was stolen from its westside restaurant around midnight Wednesday. The car is described as a silver 2018 Kia Soul.

A Shakespeare’s communications spokesperson tells FOX 2 the company filed a police report with the Columbia Police Department after learning it had been stolen. Then, at some point midday Wednesday, someone out of St. Louis called the Downtown Columbia location and reported they saw a Shakespeare’s car running around his street for awhile.

The St. Louis County Police Department responded to the situation after that and say an investigation is ongoing, according to Columbia ABC affiliate KMIZ. It’s unclear whether any arrests or criminal charges have moved forward.

The car is being towed back to Columbia on Thursday. A Shakespeare’s spokesperson says at least two tires on the passenger’s side were blown out. Staff are also concerned about potential wiring damage.

Shakespeare’s Pizza made light of the situation in a Facebook update Wednesday, saying, “We are hiring delivery drivers, but this is a wild way to apply.”