ST. LOUIS — Customers flocked to grocery stores across the St. Louis area for some last-minute shopping ahead of this weekend’s winter weather.

Excitement for the snow, and the push to stay prepared, resulted in long lines and packed parking lots at Schnucks locations.

“The lines are so long like they’re wrapped around the store and in the aisles,” said customer Jenitta Woods.

Food was flying off the shelves as customers stocked up to stay home.

“Anything that I don’t have to cook, I’m buying mostly prepared meals,” said customer Delores Guyton. “But I do need the basics, the staple items like eggs and milk and that kind of thing and of course dessert.”

The necessities are different for every customer.

“I bought two bottles of wine, two things of brie cheese, and some crackers,” said customer Bob Smith. “We’re going to hunker down!”

Schnucks even joked about the rush to buy staples like milk, eggs, and milk.

“It seems our customers like to make French toast because bread, milk, and eggs are three of the most popular things that we will sell today especially,” said Schnucks spokesperson Paul Simon.

Aside from those snow day staples, people were also buying soup, snacks, and frozen pizzas.