BERKELEY, Mo. – A Berkeley police officer says he and his 1-year-old daughter are lucky to be alive after what he describes as a random and unprovoked shooting during rush hour last week.

Oshay Conway says there was no aggressive driving or road rage leading up to the shooting, and nothing to indicate he was a law enforcement officer.

Conway happened to take a photo of his sleeping daughter just before it happened. Minutes later, three bullets tore through his pickup. One bullet ripped through the headrest, just inches from his daughter.

Conway says God had to be watching over him and his child.

“We were definitely shielded by (God),” he said. “Shielded by Him and our guardian angels.”

Conway was off duty on Thursday, May 19. He was driving north on Howdershell in Hazelwood and stopped at the light on Dunn Road at about 4:30 p.m. He said he noticed a Dodge Charger behind him that was missing a bumper. A passenger in that car flipped him off without explanation because he said there was no other tension or road rage that led up to the shooting.

“None at all. It was pure stupidity if you ask me. Like I said, I didn’t know them. I had no uniform on. I was in civilian clothes,” he said. “I hear shots going into the back of my truck and I immediately take off after making sure my daughter was fine.”

Hazelwood police found the shooter, who reportedly admitted he did it. St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell’s office charged 19-year-old Antwon Porter on Monday with two counts of first-degree assault, two counts of armed criminal action, and one count of unlawful use of a firearm.

“Just a terrible set of facts that could have been tragic. But it’s senseless and we just cannot tolerate that in this community,” Bell said.

Conway added, “I’m definitely thankful for those officers and detectives that went tirelessly and worked hard to bring justice to me and my family.”

More importantly, he said, he’s thankful for the safety of his daughter, who slept during the shooting.

“I’m beyond thankful for that, you know? I definitely wouldn’t want her to live with that experience as I do. I’d rather it be me than her,” Conway said.

The driver of the vehicle that day, identified by police as Maurio Peebles, also faces criminal charges over an unrelated robbery in O’Fallon, Missouri.