ST. LOUIS – As the calendar changes to March, we are seeing signs of spring in our yards.

This winter has been a mild one. In fact, it’s the twelfth warmest on record for St. Louis. That has plants starting to bloom.

Daffodils, crocus {crowe kiss}, and other flowers are already popping up. The Missouri Botanical Garden says things are about two weeks ahead of schedule and with cold and wind on the way, these early blossoms have garden staff a bit worried.

“Just like this Merrill Magnolia back here behind me,” Daria McKelvey, Supervisor, MOBOT Kemper Center For Home Gardening said. “It’s gorgeous right now. Last year, it didn’t pop out until about March 17.”

Emerging flowers can make it tempting to dive into the backyard garden, but you’re advised to not do it just yet. Other than cool season vegetables, it is still too early for flowering plants or houseplants to head outside.