ST. LOUIS – Some favorite Pan-Asian dishes of a local restaurateur will now be available in all Schnucks locations.

Pan-Asian favorites from potstickers and egg rolls to general Tso chicken and veggie fried rice all with a contemporary twist.

“Accessibility is key to Sister Sister. I think everybody has the experience of going into a Chinese restaurant and picking up a menu that’s like a book. And part of the Sister Sister mantra is to help curate and select some of the favorites and also introduce new cuisine,” said Julia Li, owner of Sister Sister.

Sister Sister is making their popular dishes available to the entire community that they love so much.

“In my community, including Chinese cuisine and Asian cuisine is really including new Americans,” said Li. “I actually find myself feeling most myself in St. Louis because people are so open-minded and so welcoming to new immigrants.”

This partnership is part of Schunucks’ commitment to supporting local restaurants during what’s been a tough few years.

“When COVID started we had a big effort to help out those local restaurants that were struggling during covid and it grew into something that really meant a lot to the customers, and it meant a lot to us, and it meant a lot to those restaurants to help keep supporting them,” said Andy DeCou, category manager for deli at Schnucks.

And Sister Sister’s a perfect addition to Schnucks’ deli and prepared food areas.

“I think with Sister Sister it’s just the fact that we can take an established company with an established restaurant here in the St. Louis area and really provide our customers with, we always talk about giving them restaurant-quality food, but really giving them restaurant foods,” said DeCou.

After all, food brings people together…which is more important than ever these days.

“I think we’re at a really important moment where different people of different cultures, people with different interests can all appreciate and get around a meal. So I’m excited that this program is coming out now right in front of lunar new year to celebrate new Americans, old Americans, and everyone who will try our future foods,” said Li.

Sister Sister entrees and appetizers are now available at all Schnucks locations.