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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Six Flags kicked off the 2022 season last weekend. They have been hard over the winter making changes that they feel will enhance their guests’ experience at the park.

As Six Flags St. Louis opens back up, there are plenty of new things to look forward to.

“We have Cat Women Whip, Adventure Cove, plus a new kids area coming to Hurricane Harbor coming later in May,” said Six Flags Spoke Person Elizabeth Gotway.

It’s like Christmas in the summertime for the guest to be back at Six Flags.

“They get here early, they line up, the kids are so excited to get in to get back to their favorite ride,” said Gotway.

New rides are coming soon and Six Flags is also doing something special for Autism Awareness Month.

“We are debuting our new sensory room. While the park can be incredibly thrilling and exciting for guests, that is overwhelming for some of our guests. So, this is a place where they can come, relax, reset, and go out and enjoy the rest of their day,” said Gotway.

After tiring yourself out from all those rollercoasters to resting. You’re going to need a place to eat. And here’s the kicker, you can order your food online.

“While you are off waiting in line at a ride, or you’re waiting for your kids to finish up something, you can pull up your Six Flags mobile app, you can tap your lunch order, your dinner order in from there and you’ll come to moose burger lodge to pick all that up, said Director of Marketing Katy Enrique.

Six Flags St. Louis has also included more resting areas for your feet, and more charging stations for your phone and vehicles. You can experience all the flips and turns and dips and loops right here in Six Flags St. Louis.