EUREKA, Mo. – Six Flags St. Louis is already planning ahead for next year, announcing a new attraction the park deems as the “largest pendulum ride built in the world.”

“THE JokerTM: Carnival of Chaos” is expected to debut in 2024. Riders will go up to 172 feet in the air at speeds up to 75 mph, according to a news release from Six Flags. One rendering of the ride was released on Tuesday.

Up to 40 people can take a ride a giant disk at one time, and it swings in the air throuh a back-and-forth motion. Riders will also have to brave The Joker’s Funhouse in line before taking on the new ride.

Six Flags says the rollercoaster will be located in the Britannia section of the park near another new rollercoaster in Rookie Racer. It comes after many years of another back-and-forth swinging ride simply just known as “The Joker.”

The ride will be constructed with similar dimensions to a ride with the same namesake in San Antonio, Texas. New Jersey also has a similar ride instead inspired by Wonder Woman.

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