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ST. LOUIS– St. Louis County is seeing success with its efforts to increase vaccination rates in vulnerable north St. Louis County neighborhoods.

Six of the most vulnerable ZIP codes saw an average of an 8.2% increase in vaccination rates between June 25 and August 20. That is more than the overall county which saw a 6.3% increase during that time period.

Here is a breakdown by ZIP code:

  • 63140- 9.5% increase
  • 63136- 9.3% increase
  • 63138- 8.7% increase
  • 63133- 8.5% increase
  • 63134- 8.0% increase
  • 63135- 7.9% increase
  • 63137- 7.4% increase

In May, the St. Louis County Department of Public Health announced it was targeting certain vulnerable counties after vaccination rates in those areas had been lower than other parts of the county.

African Americans are getting sicker and are dying in higher numbers from COVID-19 than other populations, according to the health department.

The health department also has partnered with 35 beauty shops and barbershops in an effort to spread the message about the safety of vaccinations. St. Louis County Executive Sam Page said some of those shops are now requesting vaccine events through the Revive STL website.

Yesterday, the St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force released its latest data showing the percentage of people 18 and older vaccinated by ZIP Codes. The darker color indicates a higher percentage of vaccination.