LOUISIANA, Mo. – A small-town police chief and his girlfriend in Eastern Missouri are behind bars after two people overdosed, with one of them found dead inside the chief’s home.

The Pike County Sheriff’s Office said Alexis Thone and Louisiana Police Chief William Jones were arrested Wednesday following Thone’s two brothers overdosing inside Jones’ home. One of them survived after receiving Narcan.

Five people were inside the apartment Tuesday night; Thone, her two brothers, Jones and an off-duty officer, Burns Forsythe.

Thone found her brother, Gabriel, upstairs in a bedroom and yelled for help, according to a police statement. Forsythe called the non-emergency phone number to report his death. The other brother was in a second bedroom, also overdosing, but was revived by Narcan.

People in the town of Louisiana said the news of the overdoses traveled fast.

“The talk around town is basically what I said. You know, karma finally caught up with him. Because we had suspected for some time that he was involved in illegal things,” said Mike Sherman.

The Louisiana City Council held a closed meeting Wednesday night. People stood around the building hoping to get answers from council members about the investigation of the police chief.

“Today, they’re talking about what happened last night with the police chief. I imagine, it’s a closed session,” said Steve Henry. “They wouldn’t come out and say it, but they said it was a city employee issue. So, more than likely, it’s the police chief.”

Documents showed several things were taken from Jones’ home, including capsules, pipes, scales, and other drug paraphernalia.

The Pike County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office charged Jones with second-degree trafficking drugs, tampering with evidence in a felony investigation, and possession of a controlled substance.

Thone was charged with second-degree trafficking drugs and possession of a controlled substance. Both are currently being held at the county jail.

Local police and prosecutors say the investigation is ongoing.

Jones was named the city’s police chief in Dec. 2020.

Louisiana is located along the Mississippi River in Pike County. It is approximately 85 miles northwest of St. Louis.