FLORISSANT, Mo. – Have you noticed a change in the taste or smell of the tap water. It appears that high river levels are having some effect on the taste.

Missouri American Water is working to fix the issue. They say that there are higher than normal levels of naturally occurring soil-based taste.

The Missouri River is their water source for North, Central, and West St. Louis County. The water is safe to drink.

“St. Louis – Due to recent heavy rains, the associated change in source water characteristics and water treatment, customers may experience a taste and odor which has been commonly described as earthy, metallic, or chemical tasting,” tweets Missouri American Water. “Treatment measures are being utilized to minimize these conditions. Please be aware that there are no health risks. Our continuous testing supports safe drinking water standards are met. Your water is anticipated to return to normal by June 10th.”

The water may also look a little cloudy. This is from air bubbles suspended in the liquid. They should settle when the water sits for a while.

The utility posts alerts to their interactive map for customers. This issue was not listed because they say there is no safety concern. Customers do not need to boil water.