ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – MoDOT crews are doing all they can to battle the storm and clear the roads. Meanwhile, drivers are trying to navigate through the slushy, snowy mess.

MoDOT crews have been out in force since 7:00 p.m. Tuesday night and continue into Wednesday. Officials have said that they will keep on with the longer shifts until the roadways are clear.

The heaviest snowfall came early Wednesday morning before daybreak. It was a challenge at that point for crews to keep up with just how fast the snow was coming down.

MoDOT shared that they did not pretreat the roads before the storm because the rain which fell prior to the snow would have just washed away the product.

FOX 2 spoke with drivers about dealing with the storm. Here is what one driver told FOX 2 and what MoDOT is saying about the challenges come with the storm.

“I basically took my time,” driver Ben Sudkamp said. “People are driving a little bit slower – but I mean the roads are still slushy so you just gotta be careful when you’re moving in and out of lanes. Drive slow, be cautious of other drivers, make sure to use your turn signal-that would be pretty smart there.”

Bob Becker, MoDOT’s District Maintenance Engineer, added, “When you’re pushing this kind of heavy snow it’s hard on the equipment. It should come off fairly quickly and fairly easily once we get around to it. But it will be a hard push.”

The Missouri Highway Patrol said it has had dozens of calls for service, including multiple incidents where vehicles have slid off roadways. Fortunately, no serious injuries have been reported.