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PIKE COUNTY, Mo. — Pike County was one of the first counties to see snowflakes in the St. Louis area Friday night. Residents were stocking up on supplies in anticipation of several inches of snow stacking up by Saturday. 

“I don’t like it,” said Hannibal resident Karen Barnard.  “I wish it would go away, and I wish it was summer again.” 

She was stopping at the Orscheln Farm & Home in Bowling Green before driving home.   Store clerk Kayden McMillen said the business has plenty of winter supplies in stock.  He said about half the customers coming into the store were excited about the possibility of accumulating snow. 

“It hasn’t snowed as much this year as it has the past couple of years,” said McMillen.  “We’re ready.” 

His co-worker, Wyatt Houseworth, said he prefers dry roads and warmer temperatures.  He said, “I don’t like the cold so, it’s not what I like to hear. 

Residents north of Hannibal were also experiencing snow Friday night.  “I think that by tomorrow there will probably be a lot of snow everywhere,” said Dominic Clapp.  His mother, Michelle Clapp said, “You don’t get it all the time so, go enjoy it while you can.” 

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