ST. LOUIS – Thousands of fans braved the cold weather for the first game for the St. Louis soccer club in the new CITYPARK stadium.

“Two scarves, jacket, hoodie, jersey, we’re ready,” said Charlie Klein.

The temperature kept dropping, but fans said they were prepared for the weather.

“Many layers and some hand warmers,” said Chelsie Bivens-Meinders.

From the dog shows to the live band and dancing, the energy was high at CITYPARK.

“Everyone is really excited that is down here, and it’s just a lot of fun,” said William Meinders. “Wouldn’t miss the first game at this brand-new stadium. It’s a no-brainer to come out.”

Fans said they have been following the CITY2 team this season and are excited to see them play at home.

“First game opening up the stadium. You know first game, everybody is excited to check out the new stadium,” Klein said. “We’ve been waiting a while for this baby to open up, it’s been held up for a little bit, but tonight we’re finally opening up, and we’re going to do it right.”

They said they had waited a long time for this highly anticipated day.

“Essentially forever. I grew up playing soccer like a lot of other kids who grew up in St. Louis, and we deserve a team,” said Tim Dowling. “It’s here, and we’re all super excited and can’t wait to support it, even when it’s 20 degrees outside. There is a deep history of soccer in St. Louis, and having this opportunity for us to show not only the US but the rest of the world that we deserve to have the spotlight is pretty awesome.”