ST. LOUIS — Easter weekend is the first public holiday since the lifting of almost all COVID travel restrictions, and it continues  to be a busy spring travel season.

Over the past few months, some airlines have dealt with worker shortages, causing cancellations and delays. At St. Louis Lambert International Airport, things are running smoothly as thousands of travelers head out for Easter weekend.

But many are concerned Wednesday’s widespread showers and thunderstorms could mess up holiday plans.

“I came to the airport a little early today, moved my flight up to get a head of the weather,” said traveler Russell Po.

Some flights have been canceled or delayed today due to the wet weather leaving travel on edge.

“I’m a little nervous about this the weather rolling in to St. Louis,” said Po. “I can’t control the weather. I try and get ahead of it, slide up to see what happens.”

Sofia Beasley is a student at St. Louis University and will be traveling internationally to Europe to meet up with her family and friends for Easter. She said the bad weather could spoil the trip.

“Since the weather is bad, I’m worried that if my flight is delayed, this might affect my connection flight to Detroit,” said Beasley. “So I have a hour layover. So then, if I miss that, then I’m out of luck.”

“Who knows when I will be able to get another flight or where this leaves me,” she added. “If i don’t get there today, that effects the link of our trip our plans. We have every day scheduled.”

Officials want to remind  travelers to check with their airlines before heading out.