Someone in St. Louis won a million dollars from a scratchers ticket


Hand holding a quarter on a scratcher ticket with a pile of bills on top

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Someone won a million dollars from a Missouri Lottery scratchers ticket sold at the Phillips 66 on Page Avenue in Overland. After winning the top prize in the “Show Me $1,000,000” scratchers game he bought another scratchers ticket and won an additional $500.

“It was a good day,” he told lotto representatives.

The Missouri Lottery said that the man had some extra cash in his pocket and decided to take a gamble.

“When I scratched the first number off, I had to sit back and take a second look,” he said. “I slowly scratched them all off and every number was a winner for $50,000. I was in shock.”

He bought a $30 scratchers ticket and then decided to buy a $10 “Show Me $1,000,000” ticket instead of playing the Powerball. The ten-dollar ticket ended up being the big winner.

The chances of winning the “Show Me $1,000,000” scratchers game is around one in 3.28, including $10 prizes. That is slightly better than most Missouri Lottery scratchers games.

Both of the million-dollar prizes in this game have been claimed but there is one $50,000 prize and hundreds of other smaller amounts left to win.

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