ST. LOUIS – There are few foods more universally-loved than pizza, but finding that perfect slice is different for everyone. Toppings, crust, sauce, cheese, and many other elements can set one pizza joint apart from others.

Yelp recently released its updated “top pizza spots in the U.S. and Canada” list, ranking 100 of the best places for pizza in North America. The research team praised one small, locally-owned business in St. Louis’ Soulard neighborhood.

Pizzeoli Wood Fired Pizza was ranked 39th overall in the list and was the only pizza spot that Yelp recognized within Missouri.

Located in the 1900 block of South 12th Street, Pizzeoli has served St. Louis since 2014. The restaurant prides it on Neapolitan-inspired pizza, a style using thick crust, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.

To name the top pizza spots, a research team built on an all-time list, compiled data from U.S. businesses and searched reviews mentioning the words “pizza.” Yelp then accounted for several factors, including the volume and ratings of reviews prior to last month.

Yelp praised Sapori Fi 786 Degrees in Pasadena, California as the top pizza spot within U.S. and Canada. The list also recognized five Illinois pizza spots among the Top 100, most in the Chicagoland.